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You can request items that are currently checked out from your library or are from another Delaware library by placing a hold online or in the DLC mobile app yourself.  You just need your 14 digit library card number and PIN. Here are instructions:

  1. Login to the catalog with your 14 digit library card number (no spaces or dashes) and PIN (If you do not know your PIN see here). 
  2. Once logged in, search for the item or items you wish to place holds.
  3. Create holds on these items by clicking on the "Place Hold" button in the list of items, or if you are looking at a particular item, click on the Place Hold link on the right side of the screen. You will be taken to the hold screen.
  4. You must select the library where you wish to pick up the item from the pull down list of member libraries. 
  5. Click Place Hold to finish.
  6. When the item is available for you to pick up from the library you chose, you'll receive a notification either via text or email
  7. Can't find a title you are looking for?  Please see this FAQ.


Key terms: 

Hold: item reservation

Pending: an active hold placed/created and awaiting library staff to pull from their library’s shelf and send via transit courier for pick up at preferred library

Suspended: Hold was placed but suspended (by you) until a certain date

Transit: Hold is en route to the pick-up library

Pick Up By [date]: hold is ready at the pick-up library and available for pick-up until the date specified

Available: hold is ready at the pick-up library

Available soon: title is in the process of being added to the Delaware Library Catalog and will be in libraries soon

Comments (8)

  1. What do all the statuses mean when a book is on hold? Went from Placed to Being Held. Not sure what that means, if it’s ready for pickup.
    by Sara on Oct 29, 2019
  2. Hi Sara-Thank you for your great question! Are you seeing these statuses in the mobile app?
    Generally, "placed" means that a hold is placed on the title but is unavailable; "being held" means that the hold is available and ready for pickup at the library location you chose to have it sent to.
    Thank you for using Ask a Librarian Delaware! Please feel free to reach out anytime!
    Delaware Division of Libraries
    by Missy Williams on Oct 30, 2019
  3. “Placed” and “Being Held” are addressed in this answer. How about meaning of “Waiting” status? Thank you.
    by MarkD on Aug 21, 2021
  4. Hi Mark-Thank you for a great question! "Waiting" status means that the item has been processed by library staff and is available and waiting on the shelf for pick up, the same as "Being Held". It is confusing. We have asked our vendor if they could update the terms used when viewing through the account login via a web browser and the DLC mobile app for consistency, so we do hope that will be coming in the near future. Thank you for your patience and understanding and thank you for using Ask a Librarian Delaware!
    by Missy Williams on Aug 23, 2021
  5. If you are having a book transferred, how do you know when it is available for pick up? Are you notified? And if you are, how (eg email, text)?
    by Susan on Feb 11, 2024
  6. Hi Susan-you will be notified either by email or text, according to your preference.
    by Missy Williams on Mar 19, 2024
  7. How long does it generally take for books placed on hold to reach their pick up location?
    by C.Lewi on Apr 05, 2024
  8. Hi - it depends on how popular the book is that is on hold (i.e., how many other people have a hold on it) and also how many copies the Delaware Library Catalog has throughout the state. If it's available on the shelf at one library, then it should only take a few days to reach another library. If it's checked out, then it depends on when the patron brings it back in and also if others are waiting on it, too.
    by Missy Williams on Apr 05, 2024