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There are a couple of ways you can request a book that is not found in our Delaware Library Catalog (  One is to ask us to see if we can borrow it on your behalf from another library outside of the Delaware Libraries shared catalog (referred to as an Interlibrary Loan).  A quick peek at WorldCat ( can sometimes give you a clue as to the item's availability. 

Another way is to recommend a book for purchase consideration. Libraries appreciate hearing from their communities about books and items they'd like to have purchased for their collections. Each library has their own criteria and collection development policy, so they will determine the best way to acquire the item for you. 

For either an Interlibrary Loan or purchase consideration, please fill out the Ask a Librarian Delaware email web form or the Item Recommendation form* in the Delaware Library Catalog and tell us the book or item you'd like.  Let us know your library card number and your home library along with your request. 


You can also recommend eBooks/eAudiobooks for purchase consideration by following the steps on this FAQ.

Again, we are also delighted to help you with this in person, too, anytime you visit with us at one of our library locations! 

Thank you for your suggestions!  We hope to hear from you soon. 


*Item Recommendation Form – Delaware Library Catalog
The form is "found" 3 ways:

1.  After typing in a title in the search bar on the catalog home page and there are no results. 

2.  Also by clicking on “Can’t Find It” in the right-hand side of the catalog page.


3.  It can also be accessed by clicking the "button" at the very bottom of the Filters bar on the left-hand side of the catalog page that says "Item Recommendation" once a search has been initiated.

Comments (6)

  1. Please add an online interlibrary loan request form, or some other way we could request interlibrary loan without coming into the library to complete a paper form.
    Thanks for considering!
    by Diane G Wolf on Feb 15, 2019
  2. Hi Diane,
    Thank you so much for your suggestion! We want to make such requests as easy and convenient as possible.
    Some libraries do have online forms you can use, and you should be able to ask for an ILL through the Ask a Librarian email service (
    If possible, would you please let me know which library you are targeting with your request so I can let them know of your suggestion?
    Thank you again,
    Cathay/Delaware Division of Libraries
    by Cathay Keough on Feb 18, 2019
  3. Hi Cathay,

    Sorry I missed your February message. I regularly use the Brandywine Library.


    by Diane Wolf on Mar 08, 2019
  4. Hi Diane,
    Thank you for letting us know which library you use. I will forward your suggestion onto the Brandywine Library.
    Delaware Division of Libraries
    by Missy Williams on Mar 08, 2019
  5. The OverDrive link is no longer active and Libby only has the “notify me” tag. Is there another way we can suggest digital materials for purchase?
    by Kelly on Jun 10, 2023
  6. Hi Kelly-thank you for this comment. OverDrive just discontinued the recommend feature and the "notify me" tag in Libby is the way to suggest titles in the app. You are always welcome to send a text or email to Ask a Librarian Delaware using the form on the page to suggest digital materials for purchase.
    by Missy Williams on Jun 10, 2023