Answered By: Cathay Keough
Last Updated: Apr 16, 2019     Views: 252

Delaware libraries have print and online resources to help you study and prepare for certain tests, such as for the GED (High School Equivalency Test prep), and other school-related tests, immigration and career/job help, specific tests such as the ASVAB, tests for improving math, English, and literacy skills, and more.  

For this FAQ, let's focus on the online resource called Learning Express.  As you can see from the attached brochure,  It offers practice tests, skill-building course, eBooks and information to help you achieve success in the targeted areas.  All you need is a valid library card and Internet-connected computer: you can study and practice at home, on the road or at the library!

To get started, have your library card number and PIN handy (if you don't remember your PIN, you can retrieve it through your email address that is on your library account or through a librarian. Here is a FAQ about retrieving your PIN), and then:

  1. Go to the Delaware Libraries eMedia page:‚Äč.  
  2. Scroll down to "Learning Express" and click on that. Once you log in, you should see an image like the one on the right that welcomes you to Learning Express.
  3. There are many tests and learning pieces here.  To find the one you are looking for, you can use the search field "Find Resources" in the upper right of the screen on Learning Express's home page.  When 'GED' is put in as a search, for example, there are numerous resources listed, from ebooks to test prep for the various parts of the GED.
  4. Note that Learning Express requests that you register to use this resource.  This helps ensure that your progress and work are saved and not lost as you progress from one part to another. Be sure to save your login info!

We hope this gets you started with ways to keep you learning and growing, to gain confidence and enjoy new ideas.  Please contact any Delaware librarian online or in person if you have further questions, anytime!