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Answered By: Michelle Reyes
Last Updated: Sep 16, 2019     Views: 388

Wilmington University Library subscribes to the journal, Harvard Business Review. Students may have trouble using the EBSCO permalinks within their course in Canvas because the publisher of Harvard Business Review does not permit direct links, saving or printing for the top 500 articles. This appears to be the only journal title that is this restrictive.

The good news is that there are still a few ways to view articles from Harvard Business Review.

1. The easiest way to find Harvard Business Review articles is to go to the Business Source Ultimate database and enter the article title in quotation marks in the search box. See first screenshot below.


2. Go to the Library Home Page and click on Library Journal Locator. Enter Harvard Business Review in the journal title search box and click on Search. Click on the journal title, Harvard Business Review, as seen below. You will then see the option to “Search within this publication.” Click on this link to search for articles within Harvard Business Review by keyword, author, etc., OR you can choose from individual issues broken down by year on the right side.


3. Go directly to the Business Source Ultimate database. Enter Harvard Business Review in the first search box and use the drop down menu to select “SO Publication Name.” You can then add keywords in the next search box as seen below. Click on PDF Full Text to get to the article.