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Thank you to those who have written in to Ask a Librarian Delaware with suggestions on how to open libraries with limited hours and access, or regarding curbside pickup, or other various methods for us to provide our valuable services to our patrons.  We are carefully and thoughtfully reviewing many different options, with safety of our library employees and patrons as our top priority. 

We value and miss our patrons and are looking forward to the day when we can safely reopen library doors.  The Delaware Division of Libraries is closely monitoring and adhering to Governor Carney's directives, local governance, and also continuously reviewing guidance from the American Library Association.

In an effort to maintain the health and safety of our library employees and the communities in which they serve, libraries will reopen only when they are able to do so without causing any risk once the Governor lifts the restrictions in place.  Thank you for understanding.


For the most updated information, please visit the Delaware Libraries main website or the website for your home library.


Take care and stay healthy.  Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns anytime through our Ask a Librarian Delaware service.

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  1. seems simple to me: supply each library with surgical masks & gloves, allow the staff the option of returning to work now or waiting until the coronavirus is eradicated, with no penalties if they choose to wait. but give the ones who do come back now a bonus or a temporary increase in pay (hazard pay). post signs on the doors stating that nobody without proper PPE will be allowed in. problem solved.
    by Sara Foehner on May 17, 2020.
  2. Hi Sara-thank you for the feedback. We are following Gov. Carney's directives. Please see the website for guidelines for Phase I reopening.
    by Missy Williams on May 18, 2020.
  3. Until libraries are allowed to reopen, curbside service would be wonderful. For those of us who have books on hold that have come in or that have books that need to be returned, this would be a great service. Thanks for listening. I miss my library!
    by Jeanne on Jun 03, 2020.
  4. We are working on providing curbside services statewide! Please monitor your home library's website and social media platforms!
    by Missy on Jun 04, 2020.
  5. I'm excited to get a message this evening saying that I can come and use curbside to pick up my materials on hold (that are ready for pickup). Feels like getting surprise Christmas presents in June! I can't wait for the day I can come in to get a few materials to read even if each patron is given 10 minutes to come in, grab what the person needs, check self out and get out pronto! Thank you and stay safe.
    by Agashi on Jun 04, 2020.
  6. Thank you for your feedback, Agashi! We are looking forward to seeing our patrons again, soon! Take care & stay safe, too!
    by Missy on Jun 05, 2020.
  7. Regarding Agashi's comment ( # 5 on 6/4/20 ) she says she received a message that she could pick up a hold with curbside service. Was this message from a New Castle County library?
    by Jeanne on Jun 06, 2020.
  8. Hi Jeanne, most likely was Kent County Public Library, as they were the first to pilot the curbside service. Stay tuned, libraries in New Castle County are starting curbside services this week!
    by Missy on Jun 07, 2020.
  9. In what category or what consideration to determine when the library will be opened. One of the go to places for some senior citizens is the library especially for those living alone away from their relatives. You have the opportunity to meet some of our needs. Maybe a couple of hour a day and less time per patron.
    by Olufunmila on Jun 23, 2020.
  10. Hello Olufunmila-thank you for your suggestion. We are looking into slowly reopening some libraries to the public at fewer capacity sometime during Phase III of the Governor's reopening directives.
    by Missy Williams on Jun 23, 2020.
  11. I really miss having access to the computers at the libraries at Brandywine and Claymont.....there's so much I can no longer accomplish.....I hope that it will be safe to resume access with sanitizing and is working at the fed ex kinko's on concord is costly to rent though....
    by Louise on Jun 27, 2020.
  12. Hi Louise - thank you for your feedback! We miss our patrons, too, and are working towards reopening the libraries for limited services, such as computer access, in the very near future! Please monitor the Delaware Libraries website for updates.
    by Missy Williams on Jun 29, 2020.
  13. Closure of libraries has gone on too long...there has to be a way to open...whenever I have gone to the library I have never been in close proximity to anyone. PA libraries have been open - what is the holdup. Books could be sanitizied bf returning to shelves and limiting the amount of people in the bldg is doable.
    by Patricia on Aug 17, 2020.
  14. Hello Patricia - thank you for your feedback. Delaware Libraries are subject to not only following the Governor's orders, but also guidance from local governances as well, including county, city council and libraries' Board of Trustees. So before libraries are able to open, they need the approval of these entities. Libraries are already quarantining returned materials according to guidelines from the REALM project (Reopening Archives, Libraries, & Museums - and sanitizing library materials for the safety of library staff and patrons. We also want to make sure once we open our doors again, we are able to keep them open. There are many reports across the nation of libraries reopening only to have them closed again. Thank you for understanding!
    by Missy Williams on Aug 18, 2020.
  15. Hello, do you happen to know when the Hockessin Library will be open? Thank you.
    by Mary on Aug 31, 2020.
  16. Hi Mary-thank you for your inquiry about Hockessin Library. They are under New Castle County governances, besides following Governor's orders, and will reopen once the County determines when libraries are safely able to open their doors to the public again. Thanks for your patience and understanding! You can monitor updates on their website and even sign up to receive their newsletter -
    by Missy on Aug 31, 2020.

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