Answered By: Cathay Keough
Last Updated: Apr 23, 2019     Views: 132

It's interesting to look up local and family history in Delaware!  Here are some library and genealogy resources to help you with your treasure hunt:

a. Many public libraries have Ancestry Library Edition which you can access free, in the library.  This is a valuable resource for genealogy resource.  Outside of libraries, Heritage Quest (owned by is also helpful.  

b.  The Delaware Historical Society:

c.  The Delaware Public Archives: - especially their online collections and resources:  They have a contact us area, too.

d.  The Delaware Genealogy Society is a statewide group that is active with events and meetings.  They also provide a website for searching.  

e.  The Delaware Libraries' LibGuide/Genealogy Resource Guide: - This has more to offer, including books and online sources to help with the success in searching.

f.  Wilmington Public Library:  - This library has specialists who assist with historical and genealogy searching.  .

g. The National Census is linked on many resources, but this is a direct link for your convenience.

h. The Delaware Library's catalog is another source to find important resources to help with your search.