Answered By: Cathay Keough
Last Updated: Apr 16, 2019     Views: 323

Losing a library item can sometimes feel daunting.  Generally, if the item is replaceable, the library will opt to do that.  Libraries normally charge a replacement fee and also a processing fee.  Since libraries are non-profit, these fees are just to cover normal costs.

There are some variations to this, though, depending upon the item, its age and whether it is still in print, the edition, etc.  

The other part of this is that your account will be charged a late fee when the item becomes overdue.  Sometimes the item can still be renewed to save you from having that additional fine while you continue to look for it.  It can buy you some time for searching.  To learn how to renew a library item yourself, click here, but also feel free to ask a librarian if you would like to have help on this.

When you let the library know it is lost, they will work with you to figure out the next steps.  We want to make this as gentle as possible; libraries cannot exist without our patrons, after all!